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Women Watching Porn is becoming more popular now than ever before! Thanks in large part to many adult movies being produced that are more female friendly. Ever wanted your girlfriend to watch porn? Maybe you want your wife to watch porn with you. Here you will find popular porn movies women watch! 


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   James Deen is without a doubt the most popular Male Porn Star (right now anyway) women enjoying watching. James has an almost cult like following amongst girls.... similar to many mainstream actors! He is best known for performing in female-friendly porn movies as well as some hardcore movies. In addition to his full 9 inches,  we guess it's also his good looking boyish charm that woes the ladies!

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Here are some wonderful Mature Themed Movies that have awesome Sex Scenes with Emotions and Plot. These Movies are Highly Rated Amongst Women! They are great adult movies to watch with your Girlfriend or Wife.

           9 Songs Romance Movie   Popular Mature Movie Series Black Tie Nights   Erotic 
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